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• Applicable only for shows sold on the channels, excluding ABAO, BOS, OSE concerts because they have their own sales system.

• The card’s management costs are not included in the amount, 3 euros.

• The gift card cannot be used neither in Euskalduna Conference Centre’s restaurant nor parking services.






Our response to the COVID-19 situation
Due to the global pandemic, Euskalduna's activity has been exceptionally affected. Quite a number of shows have been cancelled.
Ticket price refunds can be processed through the same purchase channel. Euskalduna's ticket office will remain closed, until further notice. For all those prople who bought their tickets at the Euskalduna ticket office, we would like to inform you thar there is no time limit to recover the amount paid.
Furthermore, there hace also been changes in the dates of several congresses and "meetings & events". In this respect, the entire Euskalduna Bilbao team is working in order to attend to its clients to provide a solution to any situations that may continue to come up, as well as to advance the organization of events to be hosted during the rest of the year.