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We believe that all the meetings held at the Euskalduna Conference Centre are equally outstanding, regardless of their size. We offer the following facilities in the centre of Bilbao:

An extensive range of rooms

Offices for meetings seating between 10-20 people.

Small rooms in different sizes and configurations, perfect for seminars, conferences, presentations…

VIP rooms and boardrooms for top-level gatherings.

A customised service

Advisory services and any technical equipment you require.


We suggest you upgrade your meeting with services such as coffee breaks, receptions or work lunches at one of our restaurants.

Wi-fi & business centre

WI-FI and Business Centre at your disposal.


Car park with a total capacity for 475 vehicles and rapid access to the building.

Satisfied customers make for a successful meeting

Available rooms

Space name Maximun capacity See details
Room A2 103
Room B Level 1 90
Room B Level 3 86
Room B Terrace 100
Room C Level 1 45
Room C Level 3 45
Room D2 25
Room D3 25
Space name Maximun capacity See details
Room R1 70
Room R2 70
Room R3 70
Office spaces Floor 1 10
Office spaces Floor 3 10-20
VIP Boardroom 22
Barria VIP Boardroom 6


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